Flemings Ultimate Garage will ship your dream car whether it is a classic or an exotic car internationally.

International Sales and Delivery Division

After years of successful business with our clients all over the world, we have decided to dedicate a division to our International customers only!

When we became the largest exporter of American muscle, classic and exotic cars in the USA, many of our overseas clients kept telling us that they had many friends who wanted to do the same thing but felt it wasn't safe or easy enough. So we put ourselves in their shoes and said "what would it take for me to feel comfortable purchasing a car outside of my home country"? We came up with secure features and references in your home country you can contact, to verify us

We take extra steps, such as Live Videos, that show you the true quality of our cars. This has helped our overseas customers feel much more relaxed and confident about their purchases. It makes you wonder why all dealers don't offer this, but They Don't!
I am the owner, Tony Fleming, my company, my reputation.
We have been doing this for over 25 years. Our records are impeccable as well as untarnished. What we can provide is full service worldwide delivery you can't get from one single company anywhere, except us.

Check us out and I think you'll agree, we are the professionals to do business with. We do not own any of the companies below, on purpose, so you can use any one with confidence. Your needs are being looked after.


  • Appraisal company: For insurance purposes and shipping if you wish.

  • Escrow company: We can transfer ownership with transfer of funds at the same time.

  • Ground transport companies: All of our enclosed trucks are bonded and insured to any U.S. port.

  • Overseas shipping containers: We can use one of the our regular, reputable carriers or yours.

  • Insured by Lloyds of London: Worldwide coverage including Flemings Ultimate Garage's carrier.

  • Contacts: In your home country we have done business with, so you can have confidence doing business.


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