Safely Shipping a Classic Car

Owning a classic car is something that you may have dreamt about forever. The thought of allowing others to care for the vehicle is probably nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, there may come a time where you find it necessary to ship your precious automobile, whether near or far. Auto transport is actually quite common. This service is used widely amongst those in the midst of relocation, manufacturers, dealerships, buyers, and sellers.

The act of shipping a classic car is one that includes great precision and security. The transporter will assure the vehicle’s safety by using the latest in auto transport equipment and allowing experienced professionals to handle the delivery. By preparing the vehicle for the shipping process, you can ensure your car’s security even more and even the security of those taking care of its transport.


Preparing Your Classic for the Shipping Process

The act of preparing the classic vehicle for transport can be done rather simply and fortunately, it isn’t too time consuming. Your transport company will give you a small list of things to do prior to the shipping process. Most of them are standard procedure and may include:

  • Washing the car and cleaning out the interior.

Make sure that your vehicle is shipped off in its best condition. The inside and outside of the car should be clean. Don’t leave anything inside that may cause the vehicle to weigh more.

  • Remove anything that wasn’t originally a part of the vehicle.

Any items that weren’t manufactured with the vehicle should be removed. If the car is customized, inform the transport company and they will certainly have a solution.

  • Check the fluids and tire pressure.

All fluids should be filled with the exception of the fuel. The fuel tank should read ¼ full or less. This is for the safety of the vehicle and those carrying out its shipping process.

  • Disable the battery and alarm system.

Depending on the method of transport chosen, you may be asked to disable the battery and alarm system.

  • Write down any harm done to the vehicle and take pictures.

If there are any scratches, dents or other visible damages, write them down. Take pictures of the interior and exterior too. You can use these as a reference when you inspect the car again after its delivery. The transport company may ask for this documentation or even make an assessment before the shipping process.


Insurance Coverage Is Provided


Since the classic car will not be covered by your insurance while it’s being cared for by someone other than its owner and those listed on the policy, the transport company will insure the vehicle during the transport. This is a way for transporters to guarantee their services. It isn’t common for claims to be filed due to an accident during the shipping process.


It is always recommended to choose enclosed auto transport, so your precious vehicle is protected from the outside elements. This service costs more but worth every penny. Some examples of shipping costs in the USA can be found here.


After your car reaches its destination, give it another quick yet thorough look over. If you do happen to see any new markings, inform the delivery driver. They will file a report and have you sign it. This report will be returned to the company and someone will contact you immediately. The transporter will help you file an insurance claim if necessary.




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