Hi Steve,
Here is the picture promised to you when we bought the car several years ago.
Again I am so sorry it took so long. We want you to know we love, love, love the
car and so appreciate all your hard work to build it and get it to us. We are so very 
Donnie and Shelly Kenyon

Dear Tony,
I would like to send you a personal letter and express my satisfaction with the quality and level of service provided by Trey. Earlier this year we bought a 1999 Ferrari Maranello from you guys and Trey has been nothing but fantastic. He was very responsive, delivered a great product, and I am enjoying the car. All in, I wish you and your team happy holidays and want to send a special thank you to Trey for the great job he did. I hope to do more business with you in the future... On that note, please keep me posted whenever you acquire a Lamborghini Diablo in your inventory!
I recently purchased a Chevelle SS from Fleming's Ultimate Garage. The "sales enthusiast" that I dealt with was Trey Watkins. The process took nearly 2 months before I decided to finally buy that car. Through all of that Trey was very helpful as well as extremely patient. I must say that it goes against my beliefs to buy a 45 year old car sight unseen, however Trey described the car very well and provided videos including a 'ride along' video! I guess he had to find a way to finally push me over the edge and that last video worked. Everything he told me about the car was true. He and his company made good on all their promises but perhaps just as important was the fact that Trey didn't make a promise to me that he couldn't make good on. From my experience Fleming's Ultimate garage is a first class operation. I will buy another car from them in the future however I will be keeping this Chevelle!

T Nogelmeier
Hi John it's just about one year since we first spoke last 4th of July. The 79 10th anniversary T/A you sold me is spectacular, more so that I bought the car sight unseen. When the car was delivered and I saw it for the first time my mind was immediately transported back in time to when I first saw the car in 79. It is a time capsule I only wish time had been so good to me. The few times I've had the pleasure of driving the car people stop me to either complement the car or ask me what kind of car it is!!! That's amazing to me. It's been a real pleasure wheeling and dealing with you and Mr. Fleming so much so you have sold me some of the most iconic cars ever built 69 Camaro Z28, Olds 442, 69 GTO, these cars are what makes us proud to be Americans. I could not have had a better time securing these cars if not through you guys.

My sincerest thanks. John C

Hi Steve. We are just now taking the time to thank you for selling us our beautiful 1985 Olds 442! We finally took it for a cruise and wow! And the looks we got! The car is just beautiful. I also want to thank you for the smooth business transaction in purchasing the car. And you know what really impressed me? You didn't push us. You told us everything we needed to know about the car and let us leave to make the decision on our own. We definitely would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from Flemings Ultimate Garage again. We'll be back!

Danny and Gina Hardisty Westminster, MD
Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to tell you the '67 H.O. GTO you sold me is awesome

I've only had the car to ONE show since I bought it (weather wasn't very cooperative here) and was told it would have pulled show winner but I never did register when I got there. Plus I've had several phone calls saying they heard about the car and asked to come see it! So yeah, all is good!

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my 68 Camaro. It was very helpful to have an extensive video of the car. In actuality it saved me a trip down to look at the car before I decided to buy it. Your video represented the car perfectly. When we came down to bring it home there were NO disappointments at all. Thanks again.

Joe Harwin, Ct.

I just wanted to write a quick thank you regarding the purchase of my 1969 Camaro RS/SS. It was a little bit of a difficult , buying a car sight unseen, but your help and communication thru the entire process was great. You were very helpful in the purchase, the financing,( even thought I was pre approved for a loan), you were able to get me a better rate. then the final hurdle was getting the insurance taken care of which was also handled with just 2 calls. my insurance company requested photos of the car which was a phone call from me and you said it will be done, and just like that it was done. When the time came for me to pick up my car i was blown away. The car looks better than the pictures show. WOW, is what I was thinking when I was seeing it for the first time. It is a great addition to my car collection, and I must admit it, it is my favorite car I own right now. I have several cars including a Maserati GT, big block Corvette, big block Cuda, 440 6 pack Challenger convertible, and a few Harleys, but i see getting the most use out of my new Camaro.

You have a very happy and satisfied customer, please feel free to use me as a referance if needed. I will be in the market for a Hemi car , once I pay off my Camaro. so hopefully we will do business again in the near future.
Thank you, Frazer B.

Jeff Cobra came yesterday. All I expected and then some!
Looks great parked by my other classics thanks for all Clark

Bonnie and I took possession of the 86 Monte Carlo SS on August 23 in Fargo N.D. The car is everything and more about what you told us. We drove it to Grand Forks N.D. and had new BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires put on for the trip to Minot, N.D. We were very pleased when we saw the interior. It does't look like anyone had ever sat in the car. The paint is amazing for a car that is 28 years old. This car will not be a trailer queen. It will be driven to quite a few car shows. We also kept the Eagle GT tires that were on it. They make for a good conversation piece when our friends come to our shop/garage to see the car. We would not hesitate recommending Flemings Ultimate Garage along with the sales personnel when someone is looking for first class exotic or muscle cars. John, we do appreciate all your help . We are looking forward to registering it in North Dakota. Thank you for taking care of all the paperwork. It is comforting to know that the service to the customer continues, after the sale is final. A personal thank you also to Tony Fleming for employing knowledgeable and customer oriented sales personnel. It is a pleasure to be members of the Flemings Ultimate Garage family. We are looking forward to doing future business with you. Keep up the excellent work, Herb and Bonnie

I just want to go on record as being appreciative for the great service and buying experience from Flemings. The integrity of Flemings in assuring that the car was mechanically in excellent condition before completing the sale is a model for other car sellers to follow. The car was exactly as advertised, and when some things were brought to their attention from pre-sale inspection, they had no hesitation in authorizing the repairs to be taken care of.

Any company is evaluated largely by the experience a buyer has with its representative. Even a good company can be blemished if a buyer has an unsatisfactory experience with the person with whom he deals. In this regard I consider myself fortunate for having John O’Neill as my sales rep. He was responsive to phone calls and emails and all in all made the entire experience pleasant, which isn’t always the case with a major purchase.

I am pleased to commend both Flemings and especially Mr. O’Neill to anyone in the market for a classic car. They are both first rate.

Roger Braner

Great Falls, VA

Sans aucune hesitation je recommande Flemings ultimate Garage pour un achat d’une voiture classique ou exotique (americaine ou autre). Leur selection en-ligne est impressionante mais si vous avez la chance comme de pouvoir visiter LA salle d’exposition vous serez aux anges !!! Les voitures sont extremement bien renovees et somme comme neuves. Ne faites pas confiance aux photos, les voitures sont encore plus belles en vrai!! Et surtout aucune photo ne peut reproduire le son des moteurs! Le fait qu’ils offrent un an de garantie est un signe qu’ils ont confiance dans leur renovation ou leur diagnostic des voitures qu’ils revendent. Personellement, j’ai achete 2 Corvette Stingray 1975 en parfait condition et le processus d’achat s’est parfaitement deroule. Je suis extremement content de cet achat et recommande sans hesitation Flemings Ultimate Garage. Merci Tom pour cette experience unique.

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Fleming's Ultimate Garage to anyone looking to purchase a classic or exotic car (American or otherwise). Their online selection is impressive and if you are lucky enough to be able to visit Washington, DC area showroom you will be thrilled! The cars are extremely well restored and like new. After looking at the pictures online, I was amazed to see that the cars are even more beautiful in real life! The fact that they offer a one year warranty is a sign that they have confidence in their renovation and restoration of the cars they sell. Personally, I bought two 1975 Corvette Stingray's in perfect condition, and the buying process went very smoothly. I am extremely happy with this purchase and recommend, without hesitation, Fleming's Ultimate Garage. Tom, thank you for this unique experience!


I just wanted to say “Thanks” for turning me on the most awesome 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible a guy could want!

As you know, I found Flemings doing an online search for a 60’s era four speed convertible with an attitude. Well, you guys had three very nice classic cars that fit my criteria. A 69 Chevelle SS, a 69 Oldsmobile 442 and the 69 Pontiac Firebird. When I called to inquire, I was directed to your extension by luck of the draw. Who knew I would get the number one sales enthusiast that eats, sleeps and dreams classic cars! I appreciate all the time you took going over each car in detail, both on the phone and email to answer all my questions. The pictures and videos you sent help me narrow the selection and go with the Pontiac. Heck, you even answered my texts after hours! Let’s face it, buying a car online, sight unseen is a huge leap of faith. Consider me a member of your congregation!

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to take some time and have the GTO thoroughly examined by competent
& knowledgeable mechanics before making my comments to you.

I'm pleased to report that mechanically the GTO is in excellent condition.
The engine has standard sized main bearings and the compression is
excellent. The transmission is solid, the clutch needed some minor repair
and the rear end looked new. The steering system is tight and is in good
condition. The engine numbers are period correct as you stated. The
suspension system is solid. It leaks a little oil but that is to be expected.

Buying a car sight unseen carries a lot of risk. I'm pleased to confirm that your description of the car was very

It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Alden & Kathy Buert


This is unbelievably beautiful! You and your team have done and OUTSTANDING JOB! I want to thank you for your patience with me on this car. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I knew exactly what I wanted and you and your team were able to produce it. Thank you so much for your dedicated efforts and let me know when the car will ship.

Have a great weekend!


'65 Sting Ray is all you said. Thanks!!
Greg Tolley

Hi Jeff

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my 68 Camaro. It was very helpful to have your extensive video of the car. It actuality it saved me a trip down to look at the car before I decided to buy it. The video represented the car perfectly. When we came down to bring it home there were NO disappointments at all. Thanks again.


Harwinton , Ct.

I knew when we decided to finally purchase the car of my childhood dreams that there was no question the car would come from Fleming's Ultimate Garage! Our 69' Camaro SS is everything we had hoped for. We just got back from putting the car up "on the rack" at our local resto shop here in Delray Beach, Florida. And let me tell ya' when a team of Chevy mechanics & body-men are standing beneath your ride looking it over with a fine tooth comb, it could leave you a little restless. Everyone loves the car and the guys gave it a stamp of approval. Awesome mirror finish paint, straight lines, no rust, original restoration and nicely done! Thanks Tony for everything, oh and Ryan loves the video! I would offer anyone that was seriously looking to purchase a classic muscle car/pony car to first decide on getting it from Tony Fleming. This was the most stress free process I have ever experienced!!!

Doug McGlynn

Tom Tamm was the sales enthusiast who handled this transaction expertly.

I recently purchased a 1964 GTO from Fleming’s Ultimate Garage and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a classic or a muscle car. I was aided in my selection of the GTO, because of the description, pictures, and You Tube video at Fleming’s site. They not only provided an accurate description, but John O’Neill, sales representative, who I worked with, answered all of my questions and provided additional pictures and information on several occasions.Other dealers/shops had a variety of descriptions and pictures, but did not provide an accurate picture or level of detail concerning their cars. In addition, John provided updates on the purchase, license and registration, and shipping of the vehicle. A very professional organization.

Thanks very much for all of your assistance and hard work to help Kathy and I get into a really cool car. I’m glad you suggested it when we test drove the Mercedes, which would have been nice, but not nearly as much fun. I would be glad to write a letter, you all were very helpful and made the experience a lot of fun.

Hope to see you when the A/C parts come in. Thanks again.


My wife Nicole and I purchased a Lotus Elise for Flemings in the fall of last year. When you think of Lotus you think WOW.. When we think of our sales rep we think WOW! Tom Tamm is not a sales rep. He is a satisfaction rep for Flemings. A few weeks after the arrival of our Lotus I had an issue with the right front blinker.. Tom said..Buy a new one send me the bill.. We opted not to send the bill. This showed us the integrity of Flemings and there staff. Tom never tried to sell us a car, he tried to make sure it was the car for us. I have a couple years to pay off the Lotus but Nicole (the boss) is going to look up Mr.Tamm at that point.. I guess it will be her turn.. My congratulations go out to who hired Mr. Tamm and thank you! John

The 442 is finally on the Luxembourg Roads. It looks great and is a pleasure to drive. A big "Thank You" and all my best wishes for you and your great team. GL-Luxembourg

Hey Jeff,we recieved the car yesterday,the trucking co.did an excellent job on their delevery.When they backed it out of the trailer,it was like wow.This is the first 69 camaro i have ever owened.Me and my wife looked the car over and then went for a ride.The car runs fine and fast too.My wife said it made her feel like she was back in high school driving in this nice old car,that could be a good thing right.Thanks for everthing ,i am always looking at ur website for something else that may catch my eye,if i see something i will contact u.Again,thanks for everthing.

Sam Bass

Howdy Jeff: I got my corvette Wednesday December 14th around 10:30 am. What a beautiful sight when they backed it out of the trailer. It was raining but that didn't keep me from driving it around for a little while before putting it up in the garage. Of course I wiped her down and got the rain off of her. This could not have happen if it had not been for you. Being a real novice, I had no idea how to buy a car from pictures and video on the internet from someone 1300 miles away. Needless to say you were a man of your word when you told me you would walk me through it, and that it would be very smooth. Your patience and calm demeanor was just what I needed. I wish everyone that buys a classic car could have the experience I had. We all have heard the horror stories, but those people were not dealing with Jeff Whitaker. If anybody asks me where they can buy a classic car, contact Jeff@flemingsultimategarage.com. Again thank you and may you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A new classic corvette owner, Elree Griffin

Hi Rich, I wanted to thank you for the great experience I had buying my dream car from Flemings Ultimate Garage. My 70 olds 442 is great, I feel like a kid again behind the wheel of my shiny red convertible. Cant wait for the spring to really have some fun with the roar of the 350 rocket. Once again thanks for a buying experience. Here is a picture of my kids with our new sleigh.


The 1970 Chevelle arrived at about 3 PM, the car is amazing. It's even better than I thought.
The shipper was great.....Tom backed the truck right up to the garage. He did excellent work in the pouring rain. I will be posting a thank you on your website and to Flemings.
Thank you for all your work in this purchase, it went smooth and delivery was great. It was great dealing with you !
Thank You,
Don J.
Toms River NJ

Hi Jeff!

The camaro arrived today!
i'm really glad with how things went and will definitely mention you if anyone wantd to import a car! ;-)

best regards,


They delivered the Corvette - great car I love it!

Thank you for all your help - much appreciated.



Dear John,

Many thanks for your help with the new car over the weekend. Needless to say it was a huge success! Will was thrilled with his surprise and I am greatful for the part the dealership played in making the sign and getting the car looking so fabulous for his arrival. My daughter, who is coming to university in the USA next year, is already searching the site for her car! Apparently everyone loves classics around here, so you will be seeing more of us in the future!

This morning I registered your company as a recipient of Wire Transfers with my bank Chase in New York. It takes a few hours for them to check and give me the code because I am doing this over the internet. Once I have the code then I can finalize the transfer as per your instructions below. It normally could take up tp 24 hours, so I thought I would touch base with you to not only thank you, but also to let you know the transfer is in the works.

When I have the internet code then I will do the transfer right away and email you a receipt. It is only the first time one registers a new recipient that they do a check and after that all further transfers will go through without the checking. This is useful as we may need to make additional payments should there be mechanical work to the car in future.



John and Matt,
We entered our first car show today with absolutely NO expectations. It was local with about 120-130 cars in it's 6th year as an annual show.
Everything from hot rods to Lambos and muscle cars to new modified Camaros and Mustangs and Chargers. They didn't have a resto-mod or pro-touring class, so we picked Muscle Car prior to 1970. We got a LOT of attention and compliments. We were a little disappointed that we didn't win any of the three places in our class but, as I said, we didn't have any expectations. We thought we might get Best Paint or Best GM car, but no. When they got down to the final two awards, we were shocked to win Judges Choice! And then, we were even more shocked to win Best in Show! Woo Hoo! What a fun day....... And we have a big tall trophy to show for it! We love the car. Best part was our entry # was 84 and that's the year Larry and I met - so double cool!


Thanks for the pics Rich, and thank you for providing such high caliber of customer service making the entire process easy and fun! It is refreshing in this day and age where impersonal customer service has sadly become commonplace, everyone at Flemmings displays a genuine passion and knowledge combined with great customer service, you guys are awesome!

I look forward to doing business with Flemmings for service, and who knows, maybe another fun car or two down the road! I will be sure to steer anyone I can your way.

My best to everyone.


joenlori from dover are very happy with our 1968 camaro we thank you for time and help making this happen thank you

Hi John,


I wanted to take this time and thank you and your staff at Fleming's Ultimate Garage for helping me purchase my 1968 Shelby GT-500.


This was my first purchase of a collector car of this level. You really helped me with my anxieties during the purchase process.


I had a good experience with the whole process, from flying out there from California, to the delivery of my beautiful car.


Thank you again.........look forward to another transaction with you!



Kim Heath

Hi John, sorry to be a bit slow getting back to you. Hope this will be helpful to you. Say "hello" to everyone for me, I hope to get in to see some cars soon.

"Gosh, Fleming's Ultimate Garage - what a great place for the car enthusiast! I am always amazed at the selection of rare and wonderful examples of fine automobiles they have available. It's great fun just to go in and look at the cars, but what is even better is talk to about the cars with the owner, Tony, or any of the salesmen and mechanics.

I personally bought two cars from one of the salesmen, John O'Neill. The first was a 1985 Porsche Slant Nose. It wasn't what I went in looking for. I had my eye on a Cobra. But John gently guided me in the direction of the Porsche after we talked a bit and he saw what I wanted to get out of a high performance car. He sure was right. That was about 8 years ago.

The second car I purchased from John was a gift for my wife. I went in thinking along the lines of an Aston Martin. I think John and my wife both knew the Aston Martin wasn't right for her. Somehow he got her looking at a mint condition, low mileage Mercedes SL560. It didn't hurt that it was Diamond Blue. He was right again. That was about three years ago.

Both cars have been flawless since we've owned them, without a hint of trouble. Thank you John!"

I bought and sold a 1970 Dodge Challenger through Flemings and it was a great experience. I was new to the classic car business and felt like they did a great deal to teach me the ropes. Their service department helped make my car even better. I won awards at the Carlilse PA Mopar 4 out of 5 years.
Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Bryan Steward, Matt Holtzman

My Review of Flemings Ultimate Garage:
I was in the market for a used Porsche 911, and saw one as I drove by Fleming's Ultimate Garage. My wife and I checked it out, and it looked to be in great condition, inside and out, and had reasonably low mileage. Bryan was very friendly and took us out on a test drive, while Matt checked out my car which I was planning to trade in. They offered me a reasonable amount for my trade-in, and the price for the Porsche seemed quite good. Since it was a Saturday at close of business, I left a deposit and went home to discuss things further with my wife and do more research. I could not find a better deal on that type, year, model, and mileage car anywhere on the Internet. Monday morning, I made the necessary arrangements with my bank, and sent the paperwork to Bryan. He and Matt were extremely accommodating, and even let me take the car home that evening. The service was great, the price was unmatched, and there were an amazing number of other beautiful classic cars to admire while I was there. I highly recommend this dealership.

Buying a car from Flemings Ultimate Garage was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Nowhere else could I find a car with the modifications for the price. I did and the experts knowing exactly what I was looking for. I was even able to trade a car bought the previous week and get the better value for it than what I paid for it! At Flemings they know their cars and make sure everything is done smoothly and efficiently in a timely manner. Even if you’re not in the market at the time I can guarantee you it’s one of the most fun garages you’ll ever step foot in for any car enthusiast.

Kim C. from Silver Spring, MD


"It was a pleasure and an enjoyable experience to work with John O'Neill and the
staff at Fleming's Ultimate Garage on the purchase of my '71 Olds 442 convertible. Everyone was
very helpful and courteous and they made me feel right at home. If you have the
opportunity, definitely stop by the Ultimate Garage and take a look. My son and I felt like
two kids in a candy store. Thanks for everything!


Rich Bulcavage

Accokeek, MD


I bought a classic '66 TBird from Flemings Ultimate Garage through Jeff Whitaker and received great service.I spent 35 years in the car business and was very impressed with the accuracy of all the paperwork but also with the follow through with all the commitments made buy Jeff to get the ready and have it delivered to my home in Texas. If you are interested in hot rods, classics or high performance cars check out Flemings before you buy.
John W.-- Plano Texas

Thanks again for all your help in buying this vehicle, we love it. I've posted on the "yelp" site but thats the only one so far. I tried to copy and paste my review but its not working. It is on there tho.



Mike & Deb Boswell


Fleming's Ultimate Garage restored the joys of hot rodding and high performance sports cars back into my life. I was the poster boy of what “not to do.” I purchased what I thought was the right vehicle from the wrong company. Six months later I was 40K OVER BUDGET on a car that wasn’t worth 15k. That’s when I turned to Fleming’s Ultimate Garage. My salesman was John O'Neill and he brokered a deal that rid me of my project and put me in the car of my dreams. His knowledge and professionalism turned what was a huge head ache into pure enjoyment. Since then I have purchased another car from John and anticipate buying more in the future. Tony Fleming’s entire operation from the sales cycle to the service and modification side is nothing short of BEST IN CLASS. I will forever be a customer of Fleming’s Ultimate Garage and challenge anyone to find a better group of enthusiasts to put you in the car of your dreams.


Kevin Burch

Lothian, Maryland

August 2, 2011

Hello Rich,
I wanted to thank you for an enjoyable car buying experience during the purchase of my Porsche 944 Turbo, it is not often that one can go through the experience without apprehension. You made the buying experience a distinct pleasure; you are a fountain of automotive knowledge, history and experience.
The manner in which you explained the 944's features and highpoints you were not a mere car salesman but a true auto affectionado, a rare entity representing anyones showroom. The revealing perspective of you Rich is that you did not limit yourself to just talking about the car, you spoke about the little things such as getting Historic Tags and Collectors Insurance for a car of this age, things that did not occur to me. In addition, being introduced to the staff and feeling that I have just joined a family of like minded car lovers is priceless. You have single handeledy made me a convert to Flemings Ultimate Garage. I don't thing I will entertain any other dealership for any of my future automotuve purchases.
Thank you again,
Terrence A. Gardner

Dear Rich,
I just wanted to send you a letter and a picture on the 1970 Chevelle SS I purchased from you. I am sorry I did not get around to it earlier. The car was every bit as good & probably even better than you had described it. The car is fantastic.
My son is finally home after 4 years in the Marine Corp and couldn't bee more excited about the car. You and your company were a pleasure to deal with.
Thanks again for all your help in making the purchase a real pleasure.
Best regards,
Bob Blaney

From Brasil Corvettes

These guys are awesome. They are honest and the coolest classic shop in the USA. One can see that the tach is a proper vacum tach for the year as the distributor is also correct. Since FUG restored this car, one cannot go wrong. And yes, he even discloses the black paint. Most shops do not do that, they just say the car is black period. Nicely done guys! No wonder they have customers also from other places in the world. You go Jeff!


What an awesome Sales experience I just had with Flemings Ultimate Garage!! I just wanted to share with you the Professionalism, attention to detail and quality of merchandise that Flemings is providing to the public.

In Late July, I ran across your “you tube” video about the 1996 Dodge Viper GTS “supercharged” that was for sale at Flemings….I ran across it quite by chance. A quick phone call to Flemings put me in touch with Bryan Steward., a very professional sales associate!!... Bryan took the time to chat with me, inquiring about my trade in….the 1979 Greenwood Widebody Corvette. I had been searching for a Viper for 5 months and their it was.. at Flemings. All we needed to do was to work out the numbers.

On July 22nd, my son Alex and I traveled the 2 ½ hours from our home in southeast Pennsylvania to Flemings. We had a chance to meet Bryan and Matt ( both of whom just bent over backwards making us feel welcome ). After about an hour, checking over the viper etc, we bought the car, leaving a $5,000.00 deposit.

Upon my return home several of my friends in this area went on your website and were floored at the quality of cars that you have for sale. We all are car guys to some degree and some of my friends have spent “HOURS” on your site!!! Keep up the great job Tony as your website is truly awesome…all of us love the “LIVE” video stream as well. We would like to see it also in your service area and other buildings to see the cars that are their…just a suggestion.

My Viper finally arrived yesterday Tony delivered right on time as Bryan had indicated.

Everything about the transaction worked seamlessly…from the correspondence wth Bryan to the money wire transfers with your bank….everything went smoothly!!

Tony, I cant thank you enough for the wonderful “professionalism” that I have experienced at Flemings…Keep up the GREAT work and never, ever loose sight of the fact that your making peoples “Dreams come True”.!!!!!

Andy Rumford

Bryan, Morning... The viper showed up at 4PM Monday. All went well in off loading as we had 3 people to help. Was drizzling up here pretty steadily, so i just took the car around the block for a quick drive and put it in my garage. All appeared OK on the car, although i did see what looked like a spot about the size of a nickel on the drivers seat..looks like it was almost burnt though... will have to check it out a bit more thorough today....

A good transaction. I will look for the title in the mail within the next 10 days or so. Thanks Bryan for all your help. Will "steer" my friends your way. If Flemings sends out "monthly newsletters", let me know. I can circulate it around here.



Good morning, just had to drop you a note and tell you how much we love the car. It’s great, lots of attention, lots of fun.

In my haste to get the Camaro, I forgot to get my Easy Pass out of the SSR, if you haven’t mailed the title can you throw that in the package as well.

Thanks again and I’ve told everyone that’s looked at the car about you and Fleming’s Ultimate Garage.

J. Stuart Carter

GreyGate, LLC

Good morning, I got the car last night about 7:30, Nicholas did a great job. My wife and I took it for a drive and it was great, hopefully its going to be a pretty weekend!!
Thanks for all your help!

Subject: RE: GNX
Wow, to tell the truth I am rally surprised someone actually replied(within 24 hours too)! I got a fantastic welcome when I went there with my uncle a couple months ago. This clearly shows me what you guys are all about. Next time I am ever at the pike, screw going to the audi/bmw dealership - I am going to Flemings!

I entered the '58 Impala in the St. Marys Rod and Classic car show in Leonardtown, MD this past weekend. It won the Peoples Choice Trophy. There were 315 cars entered so that's not too shabby!

Hi John, here are some images from Mary’s and my wedding. The Chevelle made a special day even more memorable! BTW it is running great!, I replaced the rear with a Moser built 12 bolt with 3.42 gears, big improvement, and am working my way through the usual 40 year old car glitches, but all in all I am very happy with it. It gets a TON of attention wherever we go.Feel free to post any of the images on the website if you want, the photography is courtesy of Paul Giordano Photography. Talk to you soon, Andre E Berghmans

Hey guys,
These are late coming to you, but I wanted to send you a couple of pics of the 1969 Camaro RS/SS convertible I purchased from you in December. I am adding a Keisler 5 speed system to it next weekend. You will be glad to know that the Camaro took FIRST PLACE at the Stingray Chevrolet All Chevy Show in Plant City, FL last weekend! The TV program "Tail Fins and Chrome" also shot a piece on the car after winning the show. It'll be on the Speed Channel sometime next year. They sent me this YouTube link of the video they shot: Thanks, C.R.

Hi jeff, this is Shawn. Just wanted to tell you I got the paperwork. Thank you very much for taking the time to do that. Customer care, you rock! Hope you have a good sales year, i speak very highly of Flemings Ultimate Garage. :-)
My name is Carlos Scheidecker, I am Tom Tamm's customer from park City, Utah.I got close to get a classic car from you but it got sold. I still will get a car from you as I believe you guys are in a class of your own.Tom needs to get me an early C3 (1968-1972) roadster and 4spd so that I can trade in my 1972 coupe.I have been introducing my friends from other countries to you as well. Yes, you can use my comments, better yet find me my next classic car. I will not look anywhere and I am waiting on Tom finding the right car for me.

Thanks, Carlos.

Hi Jeff,

Yeah I drove the '67 Mustang back from the port here in Alaska yesterday, all I can say is WOW !! Thank You!


I highly recommend this dealer. They are great, honest, have clean cars and are great to deal with. I had negotiations with 2 cars there and it was great. Had dealt with other "famous" dealers in California who delivered the cars differently than what was described. These guys here are about customer fidelity and it shows. If you are looking for a classic car, you cannot go wrong with them. Cool thing is that transportation is also handled by them if though I am on the other side of the country.

I love the Porsche! The smile has not left my face. I'll stay in touch, Karl

Hi Tom Tamm
"Nice dealing with such a knowledgeable staff that shares the passion of the car enthusiast"
Signed MG

Dear Tony, Here´s one picture taken on a nice summer day in Norway one year after the Mustang was purchased from your garage. It doesn´t really say about Flemings Ultimate Garage nor is that representative of Norway (could be many places) but this is a picture I like of myself and the 66 Mustang.Tell me if you would like another one or if that is OK. I am happy I met you and visiting the garage was of course a great time for me. I have also recognized a great professionalism and passion for your garage in our short time together. I will come back to you if I seriously envisage a new purchase. I will anyway follow the new arrivals and videos which are great. You must be famous worldwide now !Please say also hello to the rest of the staff who were also very gentle to me.
Good luck and thanks !
Thierry (from Norway)

Dear Rich;
Our experience with Flemings Ultimate Garage was an incredible one! You took so much time to accommodate our needs, and for that we are forever grateful. Our time there so special that we will never forget the experience as a lasting memory.
Thanks again for your kindness; Gloria Estrada

Tom, I wanted to thank you for the highly professional business transaction w/you and Tony this past Oct. You offered me a very fair trade in value for my 66 fast-back mustang (I still miss it though). My 11yr old boy and I began to prowl your exqusite lot full of options beyond belief. Tony drove up in this immaculate 09 cobra gt 500.It was love at first sight , took a test drive and the deal was sealed. I been very satisfied with my new mustang although i hope to grow up very quickly..cause it sure is a Beast.Thx again and look forward to a long lasting business relationship

Edward C. Kennedy
Kennedy Painting and Contracting, Inc.

Rich, Tony and Matt,
I left Flemings with a smile and went straight to Macomb ST, DC for Hebrew School. I can't count the long looks and pointing I received from people of all ages. I felt great in my new Corvette.
Thanks for all your help in choosing and fixing my first classic. And yeah, I probably looked in the garage at least five times last night.

Looking forward to spring! Thanks.

Hello, I bought a 1964 Pontiac g.t.o. from Flemmings and the service was great. I purchased this vehicle sight unseen, only pictures. The car was everthing I wanted and more. Great Sales staff. Very professional. I can see how they made it to number one. Thanks Flemings, Rich Kelly, Pennsylvania.

I had been looking for a 1992-96 Nissan 300zx for over a year with extremely low mileage. My search was over when I come upon Flemings Ultimate Garage. I purchased a new 19 yr old 1992 300zx with 12,000 miles; from the first phone call through the sales process I realized I was dealing with a class outfit. Both Tom Bence and Matt were very professional and low keyed sales people, it made for a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend doing business with Flemings.

Thank you,
Ron Sieka
Ocean Pines, MD

Dear John, Matt, Tony and Monica,
A thousand "Thank You's" for finally getting a Cobra in my garage, you guys are the BEST!
Two months ago I walked into Fleming's not sure what to expect. What I found was nice people to deal with, patient people who give you the time to decide what it is you want and in John, a knowledgeable sales person. I know John and I have probably spent 4-5 hours together working on a deal for me, I can only imagine the time behind the scenes that went on.
This is not your typical car dealer/salesman experience. These guys really are "car guys". The entire staff knows their inventory and is more than happy to help you with any questions. On January 12th Flemings Ultimate Garage delivered a 45 year old dream to me and I am eternally grateful!

Respectfully -
Patrick Purcell
Brookeville, Maryland

Marylin and I would like to thank you for helping us purchase the 1969 Camaro. We really love this one and she is such a cool looking ride. Thank you so much for our help.
We were so excited waiting for the transport truck to arrive. When they dropped the back door down, there she was. Just as you described. I will take real good care of this Camaro
and hope to do more business in the future.

Thanks again for all your help
Mark & Marylin Oldaker



Thank you very much for all your help with the purchase of the 442 convertible. I've already been out for a ride with the family and it is awesome!
I am a discriminating buyer with a lot of questions and requests. You have taken the time and had the patience to handle all the questions in a timely manner.
I appreciate all your help and will definately be working with you in the future.
Thank You!!


1965 Corvette Roadster
We have received many compliments at the gas station, and by drivers on road.
She gets a lot of attention!


Jeff, 1968 Mustang!
Drive's awesome, unbelievable! Lots of people looking.
Car is awesome, had a party for 60 people on the weekend. It was definitely the main attraction.



Hi Jeff, just wanted you to know I have the Jeep Show truck. It looks and runs awesome!
Your driver was also a very nice man.
Thank you, judging from the background it will be headed to the garage for winter real soon.

Thanks So Much!


Rich, great to hear from you. As for my ownership experience with my 1968 Verdoro Green GTO Convertible "I'm driving the Dream". Guess you knew you were looking at the car's new owner when you let me sit in it alone for over a half hour. Thanks for working to make that happen for me. It is a pleasure to own and especially drive this piece of Muscle Car history. I've had people drive next to me and take pictures of the car with their cell phone cameras. I've left my garage door open and had people ring my doorbell asking to look at the car. Thanks again and All the Best. Darren Brusio

Dear Jeff
Just wanted to thank you for following through on all commitments you made to me
on my 66 GT Mustang. She is great !
I am not an easily satisfied customer as you know, I am very thorough and could
be a pain, you stayed professional from the moment we spoke on the phone to the
day I met you in the showroom , you stated that you and your organization do
the right thing by your customers.Well you did and that goes a long way in this world.
I brought my car to my local mechanic who specializes in these types of classic
cars. He went over the car, and happily informed me that I purchased a
remarkable car!

So I thank you again!
This was a great experience for me , you help me achieve one of my dreams!
Thank you again!
Bruce Jaffe

Thank you! It truley was an awsome experience! I felt comfterable the entire time. Great family ambiance, God willing we look forward to purchasing another vehicle with you guys. Richard thank you for your your hard work the car feels and looks amazing! Jose said we still owe you steak and drinks!

Thank you
Stephanie Flores

Drive's awesome, unbelievable! Lots of people looking.
Car is awesome, had a party for 60 people on the weekend. It was definitely the main attraction. Thanks,


Dear Jeff:

Judy is so hyped about the AAR Cuda. She read everything about the Cuda and is completely convinced it is THE BEST car to start our collection. And….she it totally sold on the Jeff Whitaker classic car consultant program. Her confidence level went from o to 100 with you, Jeff Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Talk to you soon. God Bless, Kevin

Hey Rich,

Just want to say I still love the Vette. I have been to several cruise nights and have been a hit. I must have told 20 people about you and Flemings Ultimate Garage.


Marylin and I would like to thank you for helping us purchase the 1969 Camaro. We really love this one and she is such a cool looking ride. Thank you so much for our help.
We were so excited waiting for the transport truck to arrive. When they dropped the back door down, there she was. Just as you described. I will take real good care of this Camaro
and hope to do more business in the future.

Thanks again for all your help
Mark & Marylin Oldaker
Omaha, NE

Hi John,

Thanks so much.

The ride was great. The weather cooled down a bit so driving with the top down was a pleasure. The funny thing is how long the car is in our garage…..we were a bit concerned it wouldn’t fit. It did, of course, but we were laughing at the tight fit.Hopefully, we’ll get out tonight for a cruise….this time Don will get to drive.
I’ll have to say the contrast between purchasing a car with you and purchasing a mini-van at the Chrysler dealer was like night and day. We then had construction work done….no customer service there….so the whole experience with you and everyone at Flemings has just been refreshing. We came to pick up the car and it not only meets our expectations but you have gone the extra mile to address areas we wouldn’t see, that was great. And I am so pleased with how the wheels came out…..again, thanks for finding the white walls.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for another car. I know Don wants a 30s Ford Street Rod eventually. And it is great to know that you have the talent at your shop to take care of any updates or repairs we may need. Good craftsmen/women are so important and not easy to find.

Take care and thanks again, I had a smile on my face all the way home.


I was looking specifically for a 1971 Buick Riviera and found Flemings in my search. Dealing with them was a pleasure, from initial contact to closing and delivery. My salesman, John O’Neill, was pleasant, professional, and very accommodating as I was conducting the transaction while away from home. The car was well represented and when it arrived, it was beyond expectations. As John said, it needed “nothing except a new owner.” I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I would gladly do business with Flemings again. I’m having a blast cruising around and taking my car to shows. It has even gotten awards at a couple large shows.

Peter Tampas
Burlington, VT
I thought I would share with you two recent moments that have stuck with me as to how special the car is.

1 - The last show I went to was in New York, and I took the ferry across the lake. On the ferry ride back, there were several cars from the show on deck, and I ended up parked next to a mint 1970 Boss Mustang. A ferry worker was walking through the pack, and as he passed by, he said to me (and not the Mustang driver) "Nice Car!"

2 - The other night while I had my garage door open, a little girl riding by on a scooter who couldn't have been more than 6, stopped and yelled "I LIKE YOUR CAR!!!" She turned around and yelled to her father who was a ways down the sidewalk "DAD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS CAR!!!" Her excitement and enthusiasm rivaled what I was feeling as I watched it come off the trailer :)


Howdy Tom!
Greetings from “Chevelleville, USA”! You and your staff were so absolutely supportive and kind throughout the entire purchase process that I had to write and tell you how much I appreciate it. The light in my Wife’s eyes said it all when you and I rumbled up after the test drive. It was, “That car fits you!” and I knew the tuxedo black and white ’72 Chevelle SS 454 was the muscle car for me. Charlie and Cliff checked her from top to bottom, Matt helped with financing, Tony shared his tremendous knowledge, and you, Tom, were the facilitator for it all. I and my family now cruise in style to the beach, the mountains, the grocery store…hell; heads turn and necks snap everywhere we go!
You and your co-workers at Fleming’s Ultimate Garage have helped us not just land a sweet deal on a classic car, but given us a lasting, emotional bond to our choice in dealerships.
Thank you!

Peace and Props,

Chris G.
Washington, DC

Hey Tom just thought I would share my joy/feelings on the purchase of my dream car.The process was smooth,sweet,and full of useful info.The choice of a 69 Camaro goes way back to my first days of driving.I would tell anyone if they have the means/desire to purchase a collector car Flemings should be on the list to checkout.Still can't believe how many heads it turns.Can only hope to do more business with you.Thanks again.

1 happy chevy owner
Larry Buete
Boca Raton Fl